Justice Denied: The Harmful and Lasting Effects of Pretrial Detention – The Answer

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Last April, the Vera Institute of Justice came out with a brief titled, “Justice Denied: The Harmful and Lasting Effects of Pretrial Detention”. It’s an indictment against pretrial detention and private bail. After noticing this report and briefly scanning it, it was apparent it was another propaganda piece from the criminal justice pro-reform advocates. I […]

Update: Wanted! Fugitive Tyreek Davis on Felony Charges in Henrico General District Court

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Fugitive Tyreek Davis Wanted on Felony Charges in Henrico General District Court Update: Fugitive Tyreek Davis was brought into custody at the Henrico Jail on Thursday, March 15,2018. He awaits trial and all previously outstanding bonds have all been revoked. Tyreek Davis failed to appear in the Henrico County General District Court on March 7th, […]

Fugitive Soueidatt El Hamer

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Fugitive Soueidatt El Hamer ( Elhaimer ) Wanted in Henrico General District Court Fugitive Soueidatt El Hamer failed to appear in the Henrico General District Court on June 28th, 2017 on PWI (possession with intent) charges. His date-of-birth is 10-10-1966. Once again, this is another case of an extremely stupid person skipping bond on a […]

Hanover Fugitive Latwanda Patterson Caught

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Fugitive Latwanda Patterson was caught by authorities and has been serving sentences and awaiting trial in Chesterfield and Hanover county jails. She has a record of numerous fail-to-appear charges, and her father, Robert Patterson, has proved to be, at best, and insincere cosigner. In other words, he cosigns for his daughter while having no intention […]

The Quick Skinny on Bail Reform

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In a previous blog post, I detailed the truth about pretrial services and bail reform, from its’ history to its’ current form of punishment before trial. Defendants who go through pretrial services soon understand they are effectively placed on probation prior to being convicted. It makes a mockery of the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle. […]

The Inconvenient Truth about Pretrial Services: History, Perception, and Reality

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The inconvenient truth about Pretrial Services: for the past fifty-plus years, pretrial services agencies have encroached on America’s criminal justice system, establishing themselves in local jurisdictions throughout the country. Their impact on our justice system is pernicious and largely misunderstood. I thought it necessary to explain and simplify it for those not familiar with the […]

Bondsman News

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Recently, there’s been bail bondsmen making news, both locally and nationally. So I thought I would post a bail bondsman news article. Outlaw Country Singer Randy Howard Dies in Shootout With Bail Bondsman Several national news outlets, including The Guardian, has reported a country music singer was killed in a shootout with a bail bondsman. […]

Best Bail Bond Videos

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It’s apparent the bail bond industry is not known for it’s savvy marketing. Some time ago, I attempted to gather the best and worst bail bond commercials / videos. To be honest, it was actually a difficult task. Picking the best bail bond videos was difficult because there were so few. Picking the worst bail […]