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The Owner and the Bail Industry

Most people don’t realize the many facets of the bail industry and how it impacts communities. Through his experiences as a bondsman, Dan, owner of Aarrow Bail Bonds, has witnessed first hand how bail bondsmen and the bail industry help people on an individual level and benefit the community.

Bail bondsmen perform a much-needed service to communities across the country. We get defendants out of jail so they can pursue they life while awaiting trial. Should a defendant skip court, it is on us to get them back in jail. In doing this, bondsmen can’t help but become integrated with the community ( in various ways ).

However, the bail industry has come under attack and the momentum seems to be against it. Dan has seen how the bail detractors obfuscate, lie, exaggerate, and do just about anything else to eradicate bail from the entire country.

Should bail go away, it will be replaced by a government bureaucracy which processes defendants. Most often, that agency is pretrial services. When defendants are assigned to pretrial services, they are essentially on probation before being tried. For those in the system, it is thought of as a way to keep defendants trapped in the criminal justice system.

Dan believes in what he is doing and the implementation of pretrial services is immoral and unjust and has destroyed the principal of “innocent until proven guilty”. In addition, Dan has come to realize just how punitive our laws have become. As he often says, “Jail: It’s not just for criminals anymore.”

Given all of this, Dan has been advocating for bail and continues to inform the public how our criminal justice system is broken and getting worse. He’s been doing this mostly by researching and writing about it. Aside from writing numerous articles on his his blog, in 2015, he wrote a book about Virginia’s criminal justice system, titled, You Arrested Me for What?. This led to other media opportunies, including:

Featured on the cover Richmond’s Style Weekly:

  • 08-02-2016, “An Inside Look at the Risky, Changing World of a Richmond Bail Bondsman”, which is no longer available online, and

Contributed articles for Pursuit Magazine:

Created a couple of videos:

Referred to for comments in the press:

and wrote several blogs and essays including:

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