Virginia Jail Inmate Lookup

Whether you’re in the criminal justice profession, or just looking for a loved one in a Virginia jail, this Virginia jail inmate lookup page is intended to help you find an offender currently incarcerated in a Virginia jail.

Not only can an inmate be located, but particulars to the inmate and the arrest can be found as well.

Know that different inmate search services provide different results. For example, VINElink provides an offenders date-of-birth while most others don’t. However, it doesn’t provide the inmate’s charges or bond amounts while JailTracker and other search services do. With experience, you’ll come to know which search to use for your purpose.

Hopefully, the inmate search sites listed on this page will prove useful to you. If not, feel free to call Aarrow Bail Bonds at 804-833-2785 for assistance.


A common place to look is VINELink. VINELink is a service intended to allow crime victims to get the status on criminal cases. This allows you to search for an inmate within any state in the U.S. To use VINELink, perform the following tasks. For illustrative purposes, it’s assumed that the search is in the state of Virginia and the search is for John Doe who is 38 years old.inmate lookup

  1. Click on the VINELink URL
  2. There will be a drop-down selection for the desired state, which is label “Please Select Your State of Interest”.   Select the desired state, which in this case is ‘Virginia’.
  3. Once the state is selected and depending on the state, a second drop-down selection may appear labeled “Please Select a Location”.   If it appears, the choice is either ‘Virginia VINE Statewide Sex Offender Registry’ or ‘Virginia Statewide VINE’.   Select ‘Virginia Statewide VINE’.
  4. For Virginia and some several other states, it requires an account. You will first have to create an account and login to search for an inmate. It is free to set up.
  5. Just below this drop-down is the ‘FIND AN OFFENDER’ button.  Click on it.
  6. Now you’re on the actual search page. Simple enter in the name and age. Note that it accepts partial names. If the date of birth is known, enter it in given field; otherwise, put in the correct age range. Following our example, enter in John Doe in the first and last names, respectively, and select the age range of 36-40. Then click on the ‘search’ button.

It will then search all the Virginia jails for a John Doe who is between the ages of 36 and 40. If there’s more than 1, all will be listed and you can select the one you’re looking for.

Note: VINELink is not 100 % accurate. As a licensed bondsman in Virginia, I often find that someone is incarcerated at a jail, but VINELink shows that the person is not there. It’s likely because the jail did not enter person in to the VINELink system when they were booked in.


Another multi-state inmate locator is This is useful tool for a handful of states and handful of facilities within those states. The Pamunkey Regional jail in Hanover county uses JailTracker. For Virginia, this includes the Regional jails of Meherrin, Pamunkey, RSW (Rappahannock), and the Virginia Peninsula.

This service delivers details of the inmate which other services lacks, including a description of the inmate (height, weight, etc), bond amount, full description of charges, city and state where the inmate resides, and the arresting agency.

Virginia Department of Corrections

Another tool to use if you’re not sure which jail an inmate resides within Virginia is the Virginia DOC Offender Locator. It’s extremely straightforward to use. An inmate can be searched by either their offender-ID or their name. Just fill in the appropriate fields and click on the ‘submit’ button and the results show up.

Richmond City Justice Center — Richmond City Jail

When the new Richmond Jail was opened in 2014, they changed the name to Richmond City Justice Center. Euphemisms are in vogue for government officials and this is apparently no exception.

The URL for the Richmond City Jail inmate locator is

This search is probably the most user-friendly of all the inmate searches. Only one field is required, which can be last name (full or partial), first name (full or partial), offender ID, or booking date. The last name is the default.

If the inmate is found, clicking on the ‘View Details’ button provides more pertinent information, which includes:

  • picture of the offender
  • offender ID,
  • booking date,
  • next court date,
  • bond amount, and
  • charges.

Note: ‘View Details’ may require a modification to your browser to allow popups on from this website.

Henrico Jails

If you believe your loved one is in either the Henrico West or Henrico East/New Kent jails, it can be easily determined whether or not the person is actually in there. The Henrico sheriff’s department has a free, online tool to search their jails for an inmate.

Simply go to the URL, enter the last name, and click on ‘Search’. If the person you’re searching for is in either of the Henrico jails, he or she will be listed. It shows the inmate’s pictures and lists the charges, any bond amount, and other miscellaneous information.

Something else of note, I’ve found this site to be very accurate.

Hanover County / Pamunkey Jail

If the Pamunkey Regional Jail in Hanover County, Virginia is where your loved one is thought to be, click on this URL: Inmate Lookup for Pamunkey Regional Jail.

This takes you to the listing of the inmates at the jail. They’re listed alphabetically, so you can either scroll through or enter the name and perform a search (the search is on the top right corner). For the inmates listed here, there is no picture displayed; however, it does list the charges and other miscellaneous information.