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Jail: It's not just for criminals anymore.

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Jail: It's not just for criminals anymore.

Get Out of Jail Fast!

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Get Out of Jail Fast!

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Bondsman Serving Bail Bonds in Richmond VA, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Virginia and beyond.

Released from jailGetting arrested and put in jail can be devastating. Arrow Bail Bonds understands and is committed to helping clients through this legal process with as little pain and hassle as possible. Regardless of the bond amount, be it $500 or $100,000, we treat everyone with professional courtesy and respect. Prompt and discrete, understanding that every bond is unique, we're sensitive to the circumstances of each. So call on us anytime; we're available 24-7 to get you, or your loved one, out of jail and on with life.
Virginia Bail Bonds
Arrow, also known as The Bondsman, serves bail bonds primarily for the greater Richmond, VA jails. This includes Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Richmond, and the Riverside jail in Hopewell. We also serve other areas of Virginia as well, including the Blue Ridge Mountain Area. We’re open 24/7, so if you need a bail bond or you just have a question about the bail process, give us a call. Read More…
Licensed Bondsman
Licensed through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS ID #99-250735) since 2011, our bail bondsman takes pride in handling all bail bond cases with utmost honesty, integrity, and total confidentiality. Simply put, we treat you as we would like to be treated. All legal options are discussed in a direct, sincere, and transparent manner so our clients can make the right choice for the circumstances at hand.

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Bail Bond Services
Our premium bail bonding service is second to none. We see our clients through the complete bail bond process, from executing a speedy release from jail, to making courtesy reminder calls for court trials and hearings, to helping secure transportation for court or lawyer appointments. Feel free to call us with questions; we’re here to help. We can also help you with Immigration Bonds. Read More…

Richmond VA Bail Bonds

Henrico VA Bail Bonds

Chesterfield VA Bail Bonds


Marlene W wrote… thanking Dan, who worked reliably with the courts and correctional facilities in both Henrico and Richmond jurisdictions to get her released in a timely fashion.

Nicholas C wrote… about being thankful for Dan interrupting his vacation to help him get out of jail and continue to support him as a friend. He would gladly recommend Aarrow for all bail bonding needs.

Lawrence R wrote… how Aarrow continued to outshine the other bail bondsmen. He mentioned he referred a friend and Aarrow did not let them down one bit. He also complimented me for “impeccable professionalism” for handing “these types” of issues.

Helen G. wrote… a short review thanking Arrow for the understanding and fast turn-around, eventhough it wasn’t east of their particular circumstance.

Tabatha S. wrote… how she appreciated Dan for his patience and straight-forwardness in helping them get through this.

Andrea L. wrote… how she loved the friendly and personable service and how Aarrow assisted her on such short notice and would recommend Arrrow to any of her friends in need of a bail bond.

Brian R. wrote… thanking Dan for the professionalism and quick service in performing the bail bond.

Terry R. wrote… about getting her son out of jail and how Dan’s service was excellent, and treated her with kindness, consideration, and professionalism during the difficult time of getting a bail bond. She also spoke of Dan explaining all her options and keeping her and her son informed throughout the process. She concluded that she call Dan again if ever she’s in need of a bail bondsman and will recommend Aarrow to anyone. Aarrow go two thumbs up from her.

Richmond VA Bail Bonds – How it Works

Many of the calls we receive begin with a statement similar to the following, “I need a bail bondsman. I have to bond someone out of jail and I’ve never done this before so I have no idea what to do or how this works“. For this explanation, let’s assume a guy named Mudder gets arrested in Richmond, VA for DUI and his close friend, Skully, bonds him out.

So, it begins with Mudder working late at the office while in kind of a sulking mood. He gets a call from his friend, Otis, inviting him to the sports bar for some food. Mudder remembers he’s supposed to meet his close friend and workmate, Skully, shortly to go over some case details. So he calls her to let her know he’ll be late because he’s meeting Otis for at the sports bar. He and Skully have a sort of a closet love affair going on, which is why he sulks a lot.

Skully understands but warns him, “No more than one beer; don’t get arrested with a DUI and go to jail. Everyone knows Otis is a drunk. Just be careful.”

“C’mon. Are you kidding? I’ll only have one beer. I’m not going to get a DUI.”, Mudder responds back.

To make a long story short, Mudder drinks three beers rather than one. Then when he drives home, the Richmond Police pulls him over for speeding. The officer smells alcohol, requests Mudder give him breathalyzer test, and Mudder blows a 0.10 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

Mudder makes a quick call to Skully to tell her what’s happening. He tells her he’s being arrested and she should hire a bail bondsman to get a bail bond and bail him out of jail.

“You’re what?”, she fires back.

“Gotta go; can’t talk. I’m being arrested. Bye.”

The police allow Mudder to keep his car parked in the store parking lot, so that will at least save him the cost of retrieving the car from being impounded, which is typically anywhere from $30 to $45 per day.

They take him to the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office, which is the Richmond jail, where he’ll be booked in.

Meanwhile, Skully has no idea what to do, but remembers her friend, Lindsey Lohan. She figures that Lindsey has been through this before and would know how to get a bail bond set up. She calls Lindsey and explains the situation.

Lindsey tells her not worry, “Just call at 804-833-2785. His name is Dan and he’s the best in the business; he’ll take care of you. And most all lawyers refer him to their clients because they want the best for their clients and they care.”

Skully immediate calls Dan and says, “I need a bail bondsman. I have to bail someone out of jail and I’ve never done this before so I have no idea what to do or how this works”.

Dan explains to Skully that when Mudder gets booked in, he’ll go before the magistrate and the magistrate will decide if Mudder is to be granted a bail bond. The magistrate may let him go on his own recogonizance, grant him a bail bond, or not grant him a bond at all. If he’s not granted a bond, Mudder will have to wait for his arraignment.

However, if he is granted a bail bond, the cost will be 10%, which is mandated by the State of Virginia, plus processing fee.

Also, a cosigner for the bail bond is required. The cosigner is financially responsible for the full amount of the bond. As long as Mudder goes to court, there’s no problem. But if Mudder misses court, the cosigner is responsible for the full amount of the bond.

“OK, where do I meet you?”, asked Skully.

“We’ll just meet at the jail, fill out the paperwork and payment, and get Mudder bonded out. However, it will take a little while for him to get booked in. Typically one to two hours. I’ll keep calling to find out when he’s ready to go and let you know.”

“Sounds good. Thanks”, concluded Skully.

Later, Dan calls and verifies that Mudder was given a $1500 bail bond. Dan and Skully then meet at the jail and bond out Mudder. It’s as simple at that.