Types of Bail Bonds in Virginia

There are several types of bail bonds in Virginia which can be executed. This article explains the most common.

Bail Bond

Simply put, this is a bond which secures the release of an individual in the custody of the law (Most commonly for a criminal act). Bail Bonds

Unsecured Bail Bond

An unsecured bond will allow the defendant to be released from jail with no financial cost. For this, the defendant simply signs a contract with the stipulation to appear in all court proceedings until the case is closed. The amount of the bond is what the defendant is held liable for failure to appear in court.

Secured Bail Bond

A secured bail bond, on the other hand, is backed by collateral. The collateral can be cash, a lien to a title or a car, or a lien or title to a house. When a licensed bail bondsman is involved, the bondsman already has pre-approved collateral, which can be property, or backing by an insurance company. These bonds are typically used for most criminal and traffic offenses.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is where the entire about of the bond is paid in cash to secure the release of the inmate. A bail bondsman is not needed for this. Rather, the magistrate, located at the jail where the inmate is incarcerated, is the person who will process the cash bond. Once the cash bond is paid, the inmate/defendant will be released. Once the defendant’s case is closed and all the conditions of the bond, namely, the defendant showed up to all court appearances and all other items listed on the recognizance, all of the money will be returned. However, should the defendant fail to appear or adhere to the conditions of the bond, the bond may be forfeited which means the money does not get returned.

Appeal Bond

An appeal bond typically happens after a bond has been denied to a defendant. When this occurs, the attorney submits bail application for release pending the appellate court ruling.

Transfer Bond

A Transfer Bond is simply a Bail Bond for someone being in another location. For example, if you’re located in Richmond and need to bond someone out of Roanoke, the bond can be made in Richmond, and a bondsman in Roanoke can deliver it.

Extradition Bond

An extradition bond is for a defendant who is to turn themselves in to a different state. The bond is executed, and the defendant is to return to the requesting state within a certain time period.

Purge Bond

A purge bond is a bond where the entire purge amount must be paid in order to free the person before their sentence is completed. Typically, this is for child support cases. Also, there is no bail bondsman involved Usually it is for a child support order charge. More or less its the same as a bond with one drawback…YOU must pay the full amount, there is no bondsman nor collateral accepted.