Justice Denied: The Harmful and Lasting Effects of Pretrial Detention – The Answer

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Last April, the Vera Institute of Justice came out with a brief titled, “Justice Denied: The Harmful and Lasting Effects of Pretrial Detention”. It’s an indictment against pretrial detention and private bail. After noticing this report and briefly scanning it, it was apparent it was another propaganda piece from the criminal justice pro-reform advocates. I […]

Paul-Harris Senate Bail Reform Bill: Just Bad Policy

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I’ve liked Rand Paul for some time. I’ve often supported his libertarian-leaning stances on various issues, including his criminal justice reform attempts like the REDEEM Act, where he and Senator Corey Booker sponsored a bill to incentivize states to ease up on non-violent felony offenders. However, he’s apparently gone off his libertarian/constitutional conservative rails with […]

The Quick Skinny on Bail Reform

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In a previous blog post, I detailed the truth about pretrial services and bail reform, from its’ history to its’ current form of punishment before trial. Defendants who go through pretrial services soon understand they are effectively placed on probation prior to being convicted. It makes a mockery of the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle. […]

Jail Humor

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Jail humor is kind of dark humor.  There’s nothing really funny about being incarcerated. Aarrow Bail Bonds takes this seriously and are committed to helping people get their loved ones out of jail fast, with as little pain and hassle as possible. Having said that, humor can be found in most all things, including bail […]