Bail Reformers and Lame Journalism

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2023)

Bail ReformersThe bail reformers are alive and well with the intent to end commercial bail. Their claim is commercial bail is the reason the poor a stuck in jail awaiting trial. That is simply not true.

Unfortunately, the media is filled with journalists who may know how to write, but either lack the intellectual curiosity to get to the truth or may be too lazy to question blatant fraudulent assertions.

A case in point is a a Huffington post article, written by Paige Skinner.

The article is garbage. It’s just a regurgitation of the same lame and deceitful arguments from the eliminate-bail crowd. Here’s why:

  1. Eliminating commercial bail will do nothing to help the poor get out of pretrial jail; it will only force the taxpayer to pay the bail for the wealthy and those who can already afford it.
  2. Pretrial services was created to get the poor out of jail while awaiting trial. They can do that now if that was their true agenda. If they have no other agenda, why aren’t they doing it? Why don’t the bail reformers demand pretrial services perform their duty?
  3. Pretrial Services has instead become a monster which immediately places defendants in a probationary punishment before being found guilty. Rather than helping the poor, pretrial services places the boot of the state on the defendants’ necks by forcing them to comply with punishments and requirements prior to any admission of guilt. There is no ‘innocent until proven guilty’ with pretrial services.

The self-aggrandizing hypocrites interviewed in the HuffPo article cheer this subversion of justice while exploiting the poor for their own selfish agenda and posing as fighters of the downtrodden. Nick Wing and the Huffington Post failed to bring any critical analysis or information to topic, but instead provided a platform for these charlatans to further their fraudulent agenda.