New Richmond Police Chief

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2023)

Police DonutOn February 2, 2015, Richmond, Virginia Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced the appointment of the new Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham.

Mayor Jones spoke proudly of Alfred Durham’s experience and credentials. Specifically, Mr. Durham’s credentials include:

  • worked in Richmond serving on former Chief Rodney Monroe’s leadership team
  • from 2005 to 2007, worked in Richmond
  • graduate of the FBI National Academy
  • holds an Associates’ degree in Corrections Administration from the University of the District of Columbia
  • holds an Associates’ degree in C orrections Administration from the University of the District of Columbia
  • served in the Marine Corps for 17 years
  • retired from the Metropolitan Police Department in DC, after 25 years
  • served as Boating Law Administrator for the Washingtion DC District
  • Assistant Chief, serving as the Executive Officer in the Office of the Chief of Police, responsible for the day – to – day operations of the police force.

    Mayor Jones stated,

    As a veteran of the DC police force, Chief Durham knows how to handle major events. He planned the Presidential Inauguration in 2005, and he knows how to handle multiple major events at one time. This experience gives me great confidence as we prepare for the World Championships of Cycling in September. I know we’ll be ready for the biggest event Richmond has ever seen.

    Police Chief Durham humbly accepted,

    I would like to thank Mayor Jones for the opportunity to lead what I feel is one of the finest police departments in the country. Policing is a noble profession, a profession that I have dedicated my life to. Over the course of my career, I’ve realized incredible rewards, but being named Police Chief for the City of Richmond tops the list of those rewards. I’m humbled by this awesome responsibility that is being given to me and look forward to serving Richmond as Chief of Police.

    The appointment became effective on Feb. 21, 2015; his salary is $165,000 annually.

    Aarrow Bail Bonds congradulates Police Chief Durham on his appointment, as well that the Richmond Police Department.

    In story dated February 27, 2015 by Mark Bowes, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported the swearing of of Col. Alfred Durham was as Richmond’s 18th chief of police. As part of his speech, Police Chief Durham stated that the Richmond Police Department is getting an upgrade and will soon have a better brand.

    Durham stated he’ll give the “very best” to the department and city, but he expects “nothing less in return” from the police men and women of the Richmond Police Department. In addition to local and regional law enforcement officers, approximately 40 members of Durham’s former colleagues traveled down from the D.C. area for Durham’s swearing in ceremony.

    Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier endorsed Durham as Richmond’s Police Chief

    He gave everything he had to the job. He is a true leader and he has a good heart. But you’re all going to work — a lot…. He’s going to get the job done.

    Durham rose in Washington’s force, working with Rodney Monroe prior to Monroe becoming Richmond’s chief in 2005. Durham then joined Monroe in Richmond as his chief of staff, but then returned to Washington in 2007, where he soon became the assistant chief.

    Mayor Jones said to the audience that was interested in Durham for some time and was happy for the opportunity to appoint him as the Chief of Police.

    Durham told the audience his new job sank in over the last several days.

    And the reality is that I now own this. I have the responsibility for protecting every resident and visitor of the city. And every resident and visitor of this city includes the rich, the poor, the young, the old, communities of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, faith-based communities … the list goes on.

    I have the responsibility of being in charge of the age-old battle of justice versus cruelty and good versus evil here in the city.

    I stand here before you today to tell you that good will prevail over evil in this city. Why am I so confident in this statement? We have the most dedicated and awesome members of law enforcement … in our department.

    Again, congradultions to all involved.