Car impounded after an arrest – how to get it back

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2023)

Car Impounded after an ArrestWas your car impounded after an arrest? You’ll want to get it back as soon as possible, as you’ll be charged storage fees for your car. The longer it remains unclaimed, the more expensive it will be to get it.

The process for getting it back varies with each jurisdiction. For most jurisdictions, the first step is to call the agency which made the arrest. Typically, it will either be the police department or the sheriff’s department.

One rule to remember is that if you’re not sure who to call, then call the jail where you were detained. They’ll be able to get you in touch with the correct agency. For a list of phone numbers to Virgina area jails, click here.

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We’ve compiled a small list of phone number and agencies to call in Central Virginia to get your car back after it was impounded. Hope this helps.

City of Richmond, VA

If the arrest was made by the Richmond Police Department, the car was likely towed by Seibert’s Towing Service. Their number is 804-233-5757 and they’re located at 642 W Southside Plaza Drive, Richmond, VA 23224.

Henrico County, VA

If the arrest was made by the Henrico County Police Department, the phone number to call is 804-501-5000.

Chesterfield County, VA

If the Chesterfield County Police Department made the arrest, the phone number to call is 804-748-1251.

Hanover County, VA

Call the Hanover County Sheriff’s office at 804-365-6110 to get information on your impounded vehicle.

New Kent County, VA

Call the New Kent County Sheriff’s office at 804-966-9500 to get your car back.

Virginia State Police

And finally, if the arrest was made by the Virginia State Police, regardless of which jurisdiction the arrest was made, the number to call is 804-553-3445.

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