Revoke a Bond

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While bonding someone out of jail, one of the common questions I get from the cosigner is what happens if they want to revoke a bond, so I thought I would write an article about it. There a multiple ways a bond can be revoked. Judges can revoke bonds, as well as bondsmen. However, this […]

Do you Get Your Bail Money Back?

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When people find themselves suddenly in need of a bondsman, they just want answers. I often get asked, “Do I get my bail money back?”. This article answers all questions about the money end of bailing someone out. If any questions remain, please call Aarrow Bail Bonds at 804-833-2785. Do you get bail money back? […]

Wanted: Andre Blackwell for Failure to Appear

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Fugitive: Andre Blackwell for failure to appear in two jurisdictions. Andre Blackwell is currently a fugitive from justice after jumping bond in the jurisdictions of Virginia Beach and the City of Richmond for felony and misdemeanor probation violation offenses. He’s believed to be residing in Richmond, sponging off of relatives and friends. He jumped bond […]

Virginia Bail Bond Laws

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These are the Virginia bail bond laws as derived from the Virginia state statutes as they pertain to bail bonds, bail bondsman and the profession of bail bonding. As with all professions in the United States, there are certain rules we all live by. As a bail bondsmen in Virginia, we must abide by the […]